Yup, it's a reality. we were on TV, and #famousnow for 15 minutes.

The Fuller Brush Company, one of America's oldest and most trusted brands, asked two Chicago agencies, MonogramGroup and Central Coast, to reboot their brand for the modern market. President/CEO David Sabin bought the company six months before the show was filmed, and wanted to "restore the brand to its former glory and introduce it to a younger generation." He asked the agencies for a social digital media campaign that would target a younger audience while still maintaining current customers.

MonogramGroup, under the direction of President Scott Markman, mulled a variety of ideas including "Clean It Up" and "Keep it Fresh" before landing on "Live Fuller." When The Fuller Brush Company team came in for a meeting, Partner/Director of Research Jackie Short told Sabin about a focus group she conducted. However, Sabin insisted on hearing about creative, and Markman reluctantly revealed the "Live Fuller" tagline, which Sabin loved. Later in the week, they pitched the campaign "#livefuller" along with an modern, tattooed version of the Fuller Brush Man named Fuller B. Rushman.

Did we win? Download the episode to find out.


We weren't content just being on TV. We wanted to be REALLY FAMOUS. So we created an original rap video featuring Chicago rapper I.B. Fokuz to celebrate our 15 minutes of fame, and promoted the hell out of it through social media.