To pave the way for immediate – yet sustainable – success in the US, incorporating best practices in branding for your company is as vitally important as competing on price and getting your products into distribution. 

But many Chinese business executives only think of a trademark, web site or trade show booth when understanding the full impact of what "branding" means. A well-managed brand is an ecosystem that delivers value to the company’s employees, customers and business partners – especially if the Chinese company is entering the US market through acquisition. 

In 2007 Monogram established its strategic China Practice, first among US agencies, dedicated to helping Chinese manufacturers enter the international market with their own brands. Since then, we have worked with 12 Chinese companies on market research, strategies, branding and marketing campaigns. 

here's how we can advise your company

  • How to create a differentiated brand to distinguish your products and services.
  • How to select the right distribution channels for the brand.
  • How to build a competitive pricing model to drive sales without damaging the brand.
  • How to develop an affordable, targeted sales & marketing plan that reinforces the brand.
  • How to use mainstream, trade and social media to build awareness for the brand.


To review a detailed case study of our largest Chinese client, Goldwind (the #2 global manufacturer of wind turbines), click here.


Since 2007, Monogram has conducted a proprietary tracking study with US consumers on their attitudes towards China and Chinese brands. Our fifth edition of this study was published in September, 2014 in conjunction with PR Newswire China, and was covered in the worldwide press.

The results clearly show an open-minded attitude among the US young generation to buy products from a Chinese brand – provided that the brand meets the standards of quality, relationship and trust they expect from any new brand.

For detailed information, please download our China PowerPoint deck or contact Scott Markman, our President, at +1 312-726-4300 or, or our China Director, John Yang, at or +86 156-1827-1616.