Monogram is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year, so we decided to revisit the past and take a look at the marketing era of the early 90's when Monogram first opened its doors.

The 90s brought some of the most transforming times in advertising, from media messages to agency structures to a little thing called the Internet, the 90s were a changing times in advertisement. It also brought about one of the largest audience in the 25 to 44 demographic that marketers called the “New Grown-Ups”. Which emphasized work life and home life happiness. So long where the over sexualized messages of the 80s that had plagued advertising.

Some of the most memorable advertising comes from commercial television spots, which also increased during the 90s with the help of cable networking. This enabled advertisers to target different demographics based on the programming of that given channel. Mentos, a mint candy, reached its peak in the early 90s because of their campy yet catch song featured in their commercials that played nation wide. They used this cable channel platforms such as MTV and VH1 to target individuals of a younger demographic to expose them to a product that many of that age group did not know about.


These are the types of advertisements that the 90s became so famous for, by using technology to target different demographics advertisers found more success and therefore more profit. As the Internet continues to grow and DVR and Netflix makes watching commercials a thing of the past, what do you think will be the next wave of advertising. It looks like only time will tell.