By: Steve Colonero



There’s a little kid in all of us, whether we admit it or not, and The Lego Movie  promises to bring you back to those childhood memories. For the second weekend in a row, The Lego Movie  claimed number one at the box office. The film has earned over 130 million on a 60 million dollar budget (not including marketing) in just two weeks, so it's easy to see that the film has been a success. While this maybe due to a string of 80s remakes including About Last Night and Robocop, it is more likely due to the film’s messages of anti-conformity and creativity that Legos have always stood for.

Despite being a glorified advertisement for Lego products, the movie is able to do so in a nuanced way. This movie format is nothing new for the film industry, however, most of these films tried too hard to incorporate toy products into their storylines. Transformers teamed with the defense department to stop the dreaded Decepticons from invading earth. Battleship had aliens attack earth by calling out their gird coordinates and G.I Joe takes their already over the top characters and turns them into a live action movie. All of these films feature over-the-top story lines that drive their toy products down the viewer’s throat.

The Lego Movie  walks this fine line, knowing it’s an advertisement for its products and glorifying it by incorporating the products neatly into the storyline. Its message of creativity and anti-conformity fits perfectly with what the Lego brand stands for, and is one that viewers of all ages can appreciate.