The United States was hit by a Twitter storm this past Monday.  The record breaking freezing temperatures brought about rapidly trending terms such as #polarvortex and #chiberia on Twitter. While many companies were left out in the cold due to technical failures from the extreme temperatures, others saw an opportunity to use the frigid temps to their advantage. 

The Good


Wendy’s took on the cold by creating a spoof of the weather app while promoting their new spicy chipotle sandwiches.



AMC utilized the wind-chills to promote Disney’s Frozen. 




Chobani took the opportunity to celebrate the gift of frozen yogurt.


The Bad


JetBlue shut down service to four major U.S. airports for a near 24 hours. Their jetlagged customers took to Twitter to voice their anger.


The Cocky

Polar Vortex

The Vortex itself is extending its five minutes of fame with its own Twitter account.