In case you've been living under a rock, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. If you are like millions of Americans you'll be tuning in for the commercials, the halftime entertainment, and I almost forgot... the game. This years Super Bowl will features commercials from DoritosM&M, and Budweiser to name a few and at a price of $4 million dollars for a thirty second ad, it's the most expensive Super Bowl air-time figure to-date.

Recently, Newcastle Brown Ale posted on Reddit asking folks what they would want to see in a Super Bowl beer commercial. This resulted in their campaign “Mega football ad we didn’t make” which features storyboard drawings and B-roll footage from an ad they won't run (I have my doubts that they ever planned to.). They also included behind the scenes footage featuring actress Anna Kendrick commenting on being let go before filming had started to expand on how the company cant afford to produce a S**** B*** commercial (regulations don't allow them to say those magic words). There is even more content on their website at, which expands on this idea.

This campaign, an obvious spoof on Super Bowl Commercials and on advertising itself, is pretty ingenious. By incorporating web based material and social media they are able to attach themselves to the same demographic as the Super Bowl without actually airing a costly S**** B*** ad. This comes in a period of time when almost all of these commercials are released early and will be made available on YouTube's own Super Bowl Ad Channel

So what do you think about this campaign?

Do you think Super Bowl ads should be left as a surprise until Sunday, or do you see the value in running them early on Youtube? 

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