By: Steven Colonero

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi may be one of the most controversial in recent years. From the host country's anti-gay policy tothe $51 billion price tag (Where did it all go?), these Olympics have had their fair share of media scrutiny. The majority of mediaattention however has focused on the hospitality problems that have plagued these olympics. These “Sochi Fails” are blowing up the Internet, and more specifically Twitter. The account @sochifails has over 265,000 followers and is growing everyday.

Brands are cashing in on these “Sochi Fails” and the trend of real-time marketing, Tweeting a helping hand to weary members of the media. One brand in particular, Airbnb, a website that allows individuals to search through lodging options, directly responded to some individuals as seen here below.


Airbnd is able to advertise their lodging options through the use of humor, while strengthening their brand image. While these “Sochi Fails” are terrible for the Olympians, as spectators, we have to say that we are thoroughly entertained