Most of us won’t make that despised but envied 1% that the Occupy Wall Streeters want to curtail, but we can strive to be what The Nielsen Company has dubbed the Mass Affluent.  This is 11% of US households (13 million of them) holding assets of $250,000 - $1,000,000 and averaging over $100,000 income a year.  

Move over Millennials, the Mass Affluent is primarily Baby Boomers as more than two-thirds are over age 55 and are in that blissful period when the kids have left home and they can finally convert the bedrooms into exercise or media rooms.   However, when looking to reach this market, smartphones and tablets are still a primary vehicle, as they can text just as fast and as often as their kids and 30% of them are even sending selfies with regularity. 

Sadly, this demo is typically hanging out on either coast, rather than here in beautiful Chicago.  Who wants to see Monogram open a San Diego office?  (raises both hands)