So, one of our daily tasks is poking around the internet to find content we can spot about the brands we work with, and our own brand. Let's just say today we were in for a surprise. We stumbled across several articles online about our recent appearance on AMC's "The Pitch," and two came from unlikely sources. Drumroll, please... The Kenya Star & The Vancouver Star! Does this mean we're stars on two continents? Take a read: and Which brings us to today's query: How does a story get legs and reach an audience it had no intentions of finding? After some snooping around, we found an online media company called Big News Network was the party responsible for pushing this story beyond its original source, Chicago Business Journal, to the far corners of the globe. Big News is a Sydney-based news organization utilizing RSS feeds to pull content from various news sources online, and distributes them through their assortment of region-specific pubs. They claim around 90,000 unique visitors a day to their various properties. They've even developed proprietary spidering software allowing them to generate content and links from several thousand external sites. Who knew all you needed to spin a story from one end of the globe to another, is for someone to tell it?