The yellow M&M is finally getting some screen time at this year’s Super Bowl. The just released teaser for everyone's favorite chocolate candy features the famous yellow M&M getting drugged and dragged of the screen with the title card  “Find out what happens to yellow 2/2/14”. 


While normally the red chocolate M&M gets the coveted screen time, the yellow peanut M&M is a conclusion to a yearlong marketing campaign that the Mars company has put together focusing on the different selection of peanut candies that they produce. This comes after a huge New Years party held in Atlanta and New York that displayed their products and the pride they take in the section of the peanuts that are being used. According to Mars, only one out of every one hundred meet their company’s standards.

Come next Sunday, tens of millions of individuals will see commercials that the Super Bowl has become famous for. It is estimated that this year’s ads cost four million dollars for a 30 second spot and while the fate of the yellow M&M is uncertain, I am sure they will continue their company’s tradition of humorous advertising to make this years commercial that much more memorable. Look for the yellow M&M making his big TV debut next Sunday at the Super Bowl.