In China, giving your child every advantage in school is a widely-held priority, as education is the best way to guarantee future prosperity, regardless of family circumstances. Yet every parent knows that competition is fierce and unrelenting. As a result, learning English at a young age has become virtually mandatory.

Enter Red Apple Reading, the successful reading skills system for young children that is the creation of Tammy and Jason Bennecke, a couple from Cayucos, CA. They developed their unique content based on Tammy’s many years as a successful teacher of elementary age children.

Seeing a growing and substantial opportunity, the Benneckes engaged Monogram in May, 2015 to develop a comprehensive plan to introduce Red Apple Reading to the vast China market.

Our planning involved online market research in Tier 1 and 2 Chinese cities with 400 targeted households, as well as a deep competitive audit. In addition, we had to give careful thought to how Chinese parents gather information, decide whom to trust and ultimately make buying decisions for their children’s education – which is quite different than the equivalency in the US.

Along the way, our scope of services also increased substantially, expanding to include direct-to-school channels in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In short order we have become trusted advisors to the Benneckes on several legal, technology and contractual decisions.

Our campaign executional work has covered media planning and full creative: banner ads distributed on targeted web sites, Weibo (China’s Twitter) posts, and as collaboration with third party blogs. We also have created significant Mandarin content on the RAR web sites that connects with our placed ads.

In addition, we have built A/B testing into every aspect of our work, to enable immediate analysis and refinement of the campaign.