Longtime client gets a total site makeover for today’s web

May 13, 2014, Chicago, IL –– The Monogram Group, a Chicago-based branding and advertising agency with an impressive history of repositioning brands, launched a new responsively designed website for Minneapolis-based Northstar Capital on April 29.

Responsive design affects how a website displays and responds to a user’s environment, based on screen size, platform and orientation. This is achieved through a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user engages various devices (laptop to iPad, for example), the website automatically switches to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

“With an audience of 100% road warriors, it's not enough to simply scale your site to each platform,” said Monogram President Scott Markman. “A PE firm should carefully think through the user experience, and the way their site appears across platforms optimally.”

Within two weeks Northstar’s website has already proved valuable, as they have received positive feedback from numerous strategic partners already. To experience the new site, please visit www.northstarcapital.com and see for yourself — on either your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

For additional information about Monogram's responsive web design capabilites, click here.

About The Monogram Group

Celebrating its 25th year, Monogram is a branding & advertising agency specializing in boldly repositioning brands. Their clients are mid-market companies, divisions of the Fortune 500 and professional services firms in private equity and law. With offices in Chicago, Charlotte and Shanghai, China, its client list includes ACCO Brands, Associated Bank, Baker & McKenzie, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Eli Lilly, Fiskars Brands, GE Antares Capital, Goldwind (China), lebua Hotels and Resorts (Thailand), Life Fitness, Mintel (UK), TCF Capital Funding and World Law Group.

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