We recently released a research study on U.S. consumer preferences on Chinese brands and the press, as seen below, are taking notice. The study focused on 21-32 year olds -- the demographic shown to be the most open-minded to foreign brands -- to test their attitudes and buying patterns on China and Chinese brands. Among many noteworthy findings, 61 percent say they are willing to purchase goods from China and 58 percent of respondents say they will likely buy a Chinese branded product in the next three years. Surprisingly, China rated higher than other popular markets, including France, Mexico and Korea, and only 6 percent points behind Germany and Japan. 

Our research demonstrates with proper brand development, broad online/offline distribution and service/warranty support on par with established global brands, Chinese brands have a tangible opportunity to gain a foothold in the U.S. market in the near future. The popularity of Chinese products exceeds those from other major markets, and the willingness to buy is even stronger if the brand is recognized. 

To download a copy of the full research report click here