A retail network planning expert for multinationals in China

Monogram established a strategic partnership with GMAP Shanghai, a subsidiary of a UK consulting firm that specializes in retail network planning. Combining geography, mathematics and economics in a unique analytical framework, GMAP support clients across a number of sectors including Retail, Automotive, Convenience, Consumer Goods, and Petrol Forecourt. Headquartered in Leeds, UK, GMAP has over 25 years’ experience helping global organizations identify where their customers are located, develop optimal strategies for store networks and expansion, forecast revenues and increase profitability.

GMAP operate internationally across key global markets and is a leading provider of market intelligence, along with spatial and predictive modeling solutions. They have worked with global clients such as Adidas, Apple, Exxon Mobil and Tesco and conducted projects across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Their core services include market sizing, location analysis, store optimization, retail expansion strategy, revenue forecasting and performance benchmarking. Whether companies are looking to enter a new market, optimize their current store network, or build a roadmap for expansion, GMAP can provide support on a global basis.


GMAP Shanghai combines its global modeling expertise with a local team of analysts to help both international and domestic clients in retail network support within China. GMAP Shanghai help clients in China determine total demand and consumer spend, calculated at city, district and township levels, as well as provide retail benchmarking and expansion planning in tier 1-6+ cities. Whether companies are looking to optimize their current retail network, build a roadmap for expansion, or understand more about their current performance, GMAP can provide support within existing retail centers or future developments anywhere in China.



曼格兰和GMAP(上海)建立战略合作伙伴关系。GMAP是一家专门从事零售行业网络规划的英国咨询公司。GMAP结合地理学,数学以及经济学建立独特分析架构,为多个领域的客户提供服务,例如零售业,汽车,便利店,日用消费品和加油站等。其总部位于英国利兹。GMAP拥有超过25年为全球各种行业品牌客户服务的经验, 帮助客户确定消费者的所在地,为店铺网络的规划和发展提供最优战略,同时预测他们的营业收入以及提高盈利能力。

GMAP的服务范围跨越全球多个关键市场,是应用空间预测模型提供商业解决方案以及市场情报的领军者。他们在全球合作的客户包括Adidas, Apple, Exxon Mobil, Tesco等,所提供的咨询服务项目横跨欧洲,亚洲,澳洲和北美洲。他们的核心服务包括市场规模计算,位置分析,店铺优化,扩张策略,收入预测和竞争表现评估。无论客户公司是否正在寻求进入一个新的市场,还是希望优化他们现有的店铺网络或是建立一个零售网络发展投资路线图,GMAP都可以提供全球支持。