A young Chinese man recently asked women on the streets if they wanted to take a ride with him in his Lamborghini, and filmed the encounters.

Read the full the story here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/parallels/2014/08/08/338326968/what-happens-when-a-beijing-man-invites-women-into-his-lamborghini

We asked John what his thoughts were on this particular social experiment and he responded by stating the following:

It’s a very interesting video. However, I saw different aspects of the issue. As a marketing person, we think from customer’s perspective and get a deeper understand of what, why and how. Here is what I see from these girls perspective:

  1. These girls feel safe. They felt totally safe jumping into a stranger's car.
  2. These girls are not representative. If the test driver drove the Lamborghini  asking around in business district, he will get 10 ‘no’s out of 10. The testing is targeting a special group. In China, 9 out of 10 girls in bars after 12am are there looking for a rich boyfriend (not husband).
  3. The girls understand the cultural and economic reality of China. There are old Chinese sayings that still apply today "what a man should fear is to choose a wrong profession, and what a woman should fear is to marry a wrong man," "For the life happiness of girls, it's more important to find the right man than find a good job."  Those nightclub girls are usually not well educated, born into a poorer family and they are looking to change their lives by using the best asset they have: beauty. They could choose go to work and earn $500 a month and live in a dormitory with 5 others or choose to live in a high quality apartment, carry LV bags and wear Channel dresses by hooking up with a rich boyfriend. Even if they know they may never become his wife, hopefully they can get a few millions before they get old. They are desperate to change their lives would never be able to earn as much money through work.

When accosted by a man from a Lamborghini, they see the opportunity instead of the risk. They may never again get the opportunity to change their life so drastically. 

I remember a story told by my professor at college. 

“If you give me $6,000 without paperwork and want me keep it for you, that's will be totally safe. You will get your $6,000 back even 10 years later. If you give me $10 million without paperwork and want me keep it for you, sincerely, I may think about if it worth the risk to get that money into my own pocket. That's humanity.” 

If these girls can dramatically change their quality of life by finding a rich boy, it's more humanity than materialism.  This sort of thing is almost unavoidable in a society that is still in the process of economic development and has a huge income gap. Until the day everyone can live in a good life with reasonable effort, these social problems are here to stay. 

What are your thoughts?