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Brand lacking? That’s no problem for MonogramGroup.

When BarkerGilmore reached out to MonogramGroup, they believed that their brand did not accurately represent them as an industry leading legal and compliance executive search and advisory firm. BarkerGilmore and its key audiences universally viewed the brand as lackluster, with sub-optimal awareness and an outdated website. They required assistance when it came to aligning their external perception of the brand with their internal. MonogramGroup was brought in to develop a modern brand, website and marketing collateral that effectively communicated their expertise, resonated with their key audiences and provided a strong competitive advantage over their global brethren. In one of the partner’s own words, they needed Monogram to “take the company to the next level”



Staffing & Recruiting

What We Did:
Brand Repositioning

Tell us more, let’s meet the team.

MonogramGroup hit the ground running by conducting interviews with integral internal team members, in addition to key client constituents. Some internal members of the team included partners within the firm as well as executive level stakeholders. MonogramGroup also conducted two focus groups with BarkerGilmore’s senior advisors to further understand and solidify all facets of the firm. We also did an exhaustive review of BarkerGilmore’s top competitors by thoroughly analyzing these firms’ web and social media presence. By analyzing their competitors’ different channels of communication, we were able to uncover unique positions within the industry and provide brand recommendations about why BarkerGilmore is above and beyond the others.

Our branding recommendations stemmed from the idea that BarkerGilmore is a smart, driven, and agile brand with premium expertise in hiring the best-in-class legal and compliance executives. We derived the following idea as the foundational cornerstone for our recommendations of their brand evolution. “Above and beyond is all we know. Above and beyond is all we do.” This captures the idea that BarkerGilmore is smart, agile and driven to provide exceptional service and guidance for their clients.

Stand out among the crowd, but first, let’s get creative.

BarkerGilmore’s current visual identity was out of date and lacked a focus driven approach. The firm needed a new identity that positioned them as an industry-leading legal and compliance executive search and advisory firm.

During our first round of logo explorations, MonogramGroup provided an array of diverse options with different symbols and font lockups. We wanted to explore concepts that not only differentiated them from their competitors but were indicative of their differentiated expertise. After a couple rounds of revisions, the client opted to proceed with a four-circle concept that visualizes candidates that clearly stand out from the rest. The logo visualized not only the vetted and precise candidate selection for their clients, but also conveyed BarkerGilmore itself on another level to its competitors. Moreover, the varied colors highlight the commitment to a diverse candidate population that BarkerGilmore brings to the table.

Before and After BarkerGilmore Logo
How do we do it? Well, “above and beyond.”

With an ownable brand messaging hierarchy and revamped visual identity system, MonogramGroup’s next task in the brand evolution process was to reimagine the website. Our team went through a thorough process of site mapping and wireframing, building out every page to match the new brand messaging and visual identity.

The brand idea of “above and beyond ” was conveyed through a combination of copy that embodied a memorable tone and voice, website design system that was both user friendly and contemporary and a responsive website that provided outstanding user experience on an array of devices and browsers. MonogramGroup often says that a firm’s website is the first entry point for its key audiences to get to know the brand.

BarkerGilmore Website Desktop and Mobile
BarkerGilmore Mobile Website
The final touches.

To cap off the brand project, MonogramGroup implemented the evolved brand into an arsenal of revamped marketing collateral. A PowerPoint presentation deck, email templates, brochures, business cards and more were reimagined to be on par with the evolved brand.

Today, BarkerGilmore has a brand that is indicative of its industry leading prowess. Audiences who visited the website validated this as user time on site, page views, average time on page and click- through rates were increased across the board.

BarkerGilmore Photo Montage
Dressed to impress.

BarkerGilmore has been a firm that goes “above and beyond” for their clients. Now, they have a brand that does the same for them.