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Mid-market Case

Covenant Trust

Covenant Trust Professional Photography
In the beginning

Covenant Trust was chartered in 1989 by the Evangelical Covenant Church, Covenant Ministries of Benevolence and North Park University. The firm operates as fiduciaries on behalf of their clients and actively promotes financial literacy for “people who want to use their money for good.”

Struggling to shake the perception of being a limited faith-based financial advisory firm, MonogramGroup was engaged to evolve the brand and craft a narrative where Covenant Trust was viewed as compelling by those beyond the church as well.


Covenant Trust

Financial Services

What We Did:
Brand Repositioning

The lay of the land

MonogramGroup conducted extensive qualitative research, speaking with 30 participants that included employees, clergy, influencers and clients. Additionally we conducted an extensive audit of competitors’ web presence from a design and messaging standpoint.

A trust company with a difference

Covenant Trust originated from a tradition of serving people, not from enriching themselves – a core brand attribute that still lives today.

Covenant Trust - A trust company with a difference
Where peace of mind reigns supreme

The combination of Covenant Trust’s trustworthy and expertise attributes ladder up to peace of mind.

Covenant Trust - Where peace of mind reigns supreme-03
A difference of opinions

We discovered older clients understand Covenant Trust has “Christian” or “faith-based” values, and are comfortable with that wording. On the contrary, younger people didn’t react well to the firm referencing religion, including those that are devout and dedicated church-goers.

Covenant Trust - A difference of opinions

The New Covenant Trust Brand

What’s trust got to do with it?

Covenant Trust is a service-driven firm with their client’s best interests at heart through shared values. That’s their DNA, full stop. To illustrate that, we needed to uproot their old tree logo and establish a new visual identity.



Covenant Trust New Logo
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

The new trademark has three distinctive shapes, with each color representing a specific touchpoint. The yellow shape represents the individual, the green shape represents their financial considerations and the blue shape represents the trust born of shared values aligning. The symbol is purposely abstract and portrays both hands coming together and a dove.

Covenant Trust symbol

The full range of marketing assets

Brochures, envelopes, business cards, notepads, PowerPoint templates, display ads, trade show displays, name tags, coffee mugs, labels, email templates, letter openers… let’s just say Covenant Trust covered all of the bases.

Original Photography

Covenant Trust Professional Photography
Covenant Trust Professional Photography
Covenant Trust Professional Photography
Covenant Trust Professional Photography


Covenant Trust Website


Covenant Trust Brochure

Brand Manual

Covenant Trust Brand Manual


Covenant Trust Stationery

Branded Swag

Covenant Trust Branded Swag
Covenant Trust Branded Swag

Trade Show Display

Covenant Trust Trade Show Display


Covenant Trust Advertisement

Spreading their wings

Covenant Trust’s new website went live in January 2020. With a completely revamped brand and comprehensive suite of marketing materials, Covenant Trust is well positioned to realize their own financial goals in the years ahead.