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Better branding through researchinsightcuriosity

1: Discovery
Branding is like life – the more you learn, the better it gets. Our branding agency’s process is all about learning. Asking probing questions, right from the start.
2: Research
We’re nothing less than stars at qualitative and quantitative research. (That means you get the best of both worlds – an understanding of emotional drivers, and pure data geekdom.)
3: Strategy
The questions are only the beginning. We look at your strategic challenges through a brand management lens, to create immediate impact and lasting business performance.
4: Design
We take the insights we discover, and we use them in smart ways – to inform creative that is based on the right stuff. Positioning. Messaging. Visuals.
5: Development
Once the design elements have been established, we bring your brand to life. Naming. Trademarks. Websites. Brand video and photography. Presentation decks. And much more.
Jackie Short
Research Director

Jackie Short

The Basis of Smart Branding

Partner/Research Director Jackie Short – AKA the Difference Maker

When you’re intellectually curious, you don’t stop thinking. Jackie reminds us of that every day. She leads the research process that unearths insights – and that makes work feel like play. You wouldn’t believe the things we’ve discovered about some of the most obscure categories and companies. (Wind turbines, anyone?) We’re pretty much incapable of being bored.

Understanding Branding

Business changes. Brands need to adapt. Whether you’re launching a startup or a revolutionary new product, or responding to a merger or acquisition, branding is your fresh face.

All sorts of brands. All kinds of expertise.
Monogram Group Branding Diagram
Change Management

Change is hard. That’s why managing the process well is critical to success.

Through decades of working with brands, we understand the challenges that management faces with internal resistance to change and building consensus. The politics within an organization can be thick, greatly affecting the success of a best-in-class brand no matter how strategic or creative it is.

We’re on it.

From Day One, we undertake a series of steps to mitigate this aversion to change. Often it involves identifying influencers and soliciting their inputs. Or, it may be as simple as producing and distributing swag early on. Regardless of the specifics, our strategies and action plans for introducing a new or evolved brand to internal constituents are always tailored to the client’s situation.

“MonogramGroup worked hard and quickly understood the project scope and goals. The products they created are timeless, making the company look modern, professional, and cohesive. Anyone looking to improve their business should hire them.”

Sharmeela Saunderson The Weave Shop

“MonogramGroup’s work has started bridging a gap between two markets. Their communicative team was skilled at balancing management and providing input. The work has spurred the possibility for future branding engagements.”

Jason Bennecke Red Apple Reading

Case Studies
Case Studies

Global, local. Middle-market industrial, international consumer. Financial and professional services. What they had in common was the need to wow.

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