We’re a brand catalyst agency.
We ignite relationships between brands and their people.

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Why We're Different

Brand Define

The Holy Grail of all marketing is knowing what to say, and whom to say it to. We've been providing guidance for decades -- helping clients navigate the marketing minefield to deliver messages that are meaningful.

Brand Build

Your brand is defined by consumers' perceptions. Our job is to shape those perceptions -- to create a unique signature and unmistakable voice that connects with the people that matter most.

Brand Nurture

Your brand is more than just a logo, a tagline, or ad campaign -- it's the sum of all the interactions you have. Monogram makes each and every one of those experiences more meaningful.

Branding China

Monogram has championed the development of US brands for Chinese companies since 2007 -- including the launch of Goldwind America, a subsidiary of the global wind energy giant. In 2013, we opened our Shanghai office.