Welcome to Beer Stories for Private Equity: a virtual happy hour, tapping into 28 years of private equity experience… one pint at a time.

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Over the past four decades, Scott and the MonogramGroup team have adopted a simple business philosophy: Do business with people we can sit down and have a beer with, sharing stories.

On this podcast, we’ll share war stories of portco and fundraising success, deep dives into trending topics, and personal stories of career paths. So we invite you to pull up a virtual bar seat and listen to PE’s best podcast devoted to sharing beer stories from the world of private equity.

Our host is Scott Markman, Founder and President of MonogramGroup.

Latest episodes

Dave Swanson

Managing Director (Retired 2020) at Antares Capital


Dave Swanson
(Antares Capital)

In our latest episode, we welcome our friend and client Dave Swanson, one of the founding partners at Antares Capital as our guest. Listen Now!

Reed Van Gorden

Managing Director, Head of Originations at
Deerpath Capital


Reed Van Gorden
(Deerpath Capital)

In our latest episode, we welcome our friend and client Reed Van Gorden, Managing Director, Head of Originations at Deerpath Capital as our guest. Among their many beer stories, Scott and Reed discuss his career path and being a part of the building process of one of the premier middle market credit providers. Listen Now!

MJ Scott

Managing Partner at
JM Search


MJ Scott
(JM Search)

Our sixth guest is our friend and client MaryJeanne (MJ) Scott, Managing Partner at JM Search. Among their beer stories is a stimulating convo focused on why smart, effective recruiting for C-suite talent is a must for all PE deal execs, and how JM Search uniquely approaches this process for optimal results. Listen Now!

George Pilafas

Co-Founder at
Continuim Equity Partners


George Pilafas
(Continuim Equity Partners)

Our fifth guest is our friend and client George Pilafas, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Continuim Equity Partners. Among their beer stories is how the firm’s name (Continuim) reflects their kaizen philosophy applied to Western PA manufacturing companies… and Pittsburgh’s legendary NFL team. Listen Now!

Aaron Clark

Managing Director at
Stephens Group


Aaron Clark
(Stephens Group)

Aaron Clark, Managing Director at Stephens Group joins the show. The two chat about the culture and collaboration working for an Arkansas family office, biopics, being a lead partner on tech sector deals, and being a muggle in a duck blind. Listen Now!

Brett Holcomb

Partner at
Prospect Partners


Brett Holcomb
(Prospect Partners)

Scott visits Prospect Partners, sharing Beer Stories with Brett about leaps of faith in pre-middle market, putting the firm’s 8 P’s to work, and company culture (with a Packers fan as a Partner). Listen Now!

Joe Gaffigan

O2 Sponsor Finance


Joe Gaffigan
(O2 Sponsor Finance)

Scott & Joe chat about lower middle market trends, the rise of independent sponsors, along with benefits of peer-to-peer idea sharing, and a personal commitment to philanthropy in a meaningful way. Listen Now!

John Fruehwirth

Managing Partner at
Rotunda Capital Partners


John Fruehwirth
(Rotunda Capital Partners)

Scott & John discuss successes, failures, company culture and their love of the Baltimore Ravens. Listen Now!