MonogramGroup is a consulting and creative brand agency born and bred in Chicago.

Equipped with a diverse team of brand obsessed experts, we strive to craft brands that not only drive growth, but build meaningful connections between businesses and audiences–ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression and a positive impact on the world around you.

(Left) President Scott Markman speaking to MonogramGroup team members in an internal meeting. (Right) Senior Art Director, Sean Fermoyle writing notes on a sheet of paper.


An integral component of our success is responding to clients in a timely and succinct manner. A soft skill that yields significant benefits, because we know you notice.

Our Mascot, Kona

Kona represents everything we hope to be in a business partner–curious, kind hearted, tenacious, responsive, consistent, and giving.

Each year, we honor a client who embodies the values inspired by our mascot by presenting them with The K.O.N.A. Award.

Kind-Listens attentively, speaks plainly, and treats others with empathy and genuine respect.
Open– Open to evolving, innovating and being bold, and trusting the research and creative process.
Noble– Honest in their feedback, filled with integrity, and always keeps their word.
Accessible– Embodies the collaborative spirit, ensuring effective communication and timely resolution.

Close Up of Kona Markman, the cutest dog ever and a visual of the Monogram Group KONA Award's Glass Trophy.

Our capabilities

Consultants, Creatives, and Stewards

Every brand we build begins on a solid foundation of strategic thinking nurtured by relentless curiosity and rich insights.

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Latest Awards

We’ve achieved some noteworthy accolades on behalf of our clients from industry awards to a spot on AMC’s The Pitch.

  • Top Branding Company Illinois 2023
  • Top Business Transformation Company 2023
  • Top Consulting Company Illinois 2023
  • Top Corporate Branding Company Chicago 2023
  • Top Design Company Illinois 2023
  • Top Digital Strategy Company Chicago 2023
  • Top Market Research Company 2023
  • Top Market Research Company Financial Service 2023
  • Top Naming Company 2023
  • Top 1000 Company Global 2022
  • Top Company Illinois 2022
  • Top Branding Agencies 2022
  • Top B2B Companies Illinois 2022
  • Top 1000 Company Global 2021
  • Top Company Illinois 2021
  • Top Product Branding Company 2021
  • AgencySpotter Top Branding Agency 2023
  • NYX Video Awards 2023
  • NYX Marcom Awards 2023
  • Muse Creative Awards 2023
  • The Manifest Most Reviewed Branding Company 2023
  • The Manifest Most Reviewed Strategy Company 2023
  • C2A Creative Communication Award 2022
  • AgencySpotter Top Design Agency 2022
  • AgencySpotter Top Marketing Agency Chicago 2022
  • The Manifest Top Branding Agency Chicago 2022
  • Expertise Best Branding Agencies in Chicago 2022
  • Transform Awards Best Use of Typography 2022
  • Transform Awards Best Implementation of Brand 2022
  • Transform Awards Best Naming Strategy 2022
  • Transform Awards Best Financial Svcs. Visual Identity 2022
  • Transform Awards Best Prof. Svcs. Visual Identity 2022