AI for agencies: The Good, The Bad and The Opportunity

Artificial intelligence has been a highly visible but somewhat controversial topic in recent months. It’s become difficult to ignore in our day-to-day lives. The polarizing discourse around these tools centers not around the technology itself, but its efficacy and ethical use. In reality, for now, it’s merely a tool like any other emerging technology or software.

Adding the human touch
Creatively, AI is flexing its muscles too, generating visuals and writing through various cloud-based software. Today, it’s akin to having an assistant or sounding board to inspire ideas. 

The limitations are still very evident, however – the real magic and pursuit of excellence still comes from human judgment, vision, and voice. 

Take this article, for example. Synonyms, rephrasing of sentences, and outlines of ideas were all inspired by an AI tool, taking significantly less time to generate than if we were starting from scratch. 

However, the human touch and an eye toward context is paramount, such as selecting the RIGHT stock photo instead of settling for the first one you see. Thoughtful prompts and detailed refinement are key to delivering a sophisticated final product. 

Leveraging AI in our work
At MonogramGroup, we’re not sitting on the sidelines. We’re diving into AI in several directions, such as taking advantage of Adobe Photoshop’s Generative tools. 

These tools act as rudimentary production designers, handling tasks like generating background extensions in photos and outlining bio headshots so our creatives can focus on big picture needs such as authoring complex brand design systems. 

AI writing and content generation tools have also been extremely useful in refining factual content for websites and marketing collateral, where line lengths and SEO keywords are critical considerations.

Cautious optimism and strategic integration
We are certainly not blind believers in AI’s superpowers. We’re cautiously optimistic, knowing some of the possibilities will pay dividends and others will ultimately underdeliver. We believe that AI is another tool in the greater creative toolkit. 

At MonogramGroup, we’re about getting smart before getting creative, and this AI adventure is just another exciting chapter in our journey.