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Think Big, but Execute in Small Windows

As brand consultants, we often dream about the cool, sexy program components we can develop for every client.

But sometimes the most mundane, overlooked things can have an outsized impact.

In the ever-evolving landscape of branding assets, the branded Zoom (or whatever platform your company uses) background has emerged as a crucial element not to be underestimated in today’s workplace. What may seem like a simple idea is surprising how many organizations overlook, when the impact of a consistent and visually appealing collection of Zoom backgrounds is used on an hourly basis.

With the ubiquitousness of remote workers and virtual meetings, the significance of a well-crafted backdrop, shared by members of a company’s team, cannot be overstated. It provides organizations with a unique opportunity to convey their identity, values, personality and aesthetic sophistication, making a lasting impression on clients, prospects, channel partners, prospective hires, and more.

Branded Zoom backgrounds are essential for brand consistency for several reasons:

1) To begin, consistent backgrounds demonstrate an organization’s attention to detail and commitment to brand integrity. It serves as a testament to meticulous brand management, showcasing a deep understanding of the importance of visual communication and brand recognition. By doing so, the company reinforces its professionalism and leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter the company in this environment. This attention to detail reflects a meticulous approach to every aspect of the brand. 

2) In addition, these backgrounds serve as a visual link that ties together other online digital branded assets such as email signatures, social banners, and website team pages. By employing consistent design elements, colors, typography and imagery across these platforms, a cohesive and unified brand identity is established – for virtually no additional cost. This visual consistency creates a seamless and recognizable experience for viewers, reinforcing the company’s brand image and fostering a sense of trust and familiarity.

3) Moreover, consistent Zoom backgrounds show a unified front in virtual team meetings by effectively eliminating distractions that may arise from cluttered bookshelves, askew artwork, random pets or excitable children appearing on camera. This fosters a more productive and efficient meeting experience, allowing participants to fully engage without visual distractions.

4) Regardless of individual attire choices – whether someone is dressed in a button-down shirt or a comfy hoodie – common backgrounds also significantly elevate the appearance of each employee. By eliminating distracting elements within the frame that would otherwise be visible to participants, a unified background fosters a collective and professional on-camera impression, ensuring consistent visual representation for the company and its representatives.

5) The opportunity for personalization within a framework of approved backgrounds is another advantage of branded background libraries. These libraries offer employees a range of pre-approved backgrounds that align with the organization’s visual identity and messaging, yet reflect their inclination to personalize their public appearance, just like their cell phone case, handbag, haircut or other style choices. This little touch delivers a small dose of employee satisfaction to team members.

As remote work continues to become an essential cornerstone of contemporary society, so do communication protocols and the cadence of how work gets done. Stacking up Zoom meetings is a fact of daily life for most workers in professional or clerical jobs, so anything to make this routine easier, more controlled, more effective and more polished will reflect well on those individual employees, making them feel that much better about being a part of the organization.

At MonogramGroup, we tell our clients that brand is DNA, that brand is the everything. If we truly believe that, then as brand consultants it is incumbent on us to deliver on that promise and leave no stone unturned in conceiving of ways to bring a brand program to life across a range of touchpoints, interactions and opportunities.

And yes, we are big believers in the power of the lowly Zoom background to do just that.


This article was reposted from Transform Magazine.