Bolingbrook Park District

A premier regional provider of facilities, leagues, sports instruction, and more for a large swath of the Chicago’s Southwest suburbs.

  • Bolingbrook Park District


For many years, Bolingbrook Park District had not updated the back end or user interface of their website, which acts as a multi-functional portal for users to identify and register for classes and sports leagues, check updates (e.g., weather cancellations), learn about district finances as required by law, and more.

The site had become technically very outdated, so that entering and updating data on a daily basis became untenable. Also, the ergonomics of the site architecture did not align with how users were searching for information and activating features.

Along with Pilot Digital, our SEO/digital marketing partner, we reimagined every aspect of the District’s website, covering brand messaging, site architecture, as well as user experience design and content.

In addition, a key feature of the engagement was completely rebuilding the site’s technical interface with RecTrac, the technical backbone of virtually every park district website in America.

The end result was dramatically streamlining every aspect of the District’s operations.


We crafted a revitalized website seamlessly integrated with RecTrac, an innovative cloud-based platform designed to optimize data management within the parks and recreation sector. This integration not only enhances the user experience but also streamlines the flow of information, enabling more efficient park district operations.


We developed a comprehensive kit of design elements that infused the spirit of the parks into their marketing materials, particularly their website. This included vibrant, engaging patterns, icons and colors that captured the energy and excitement of the Bolingbrook Park District experience.

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