Transforming a lean consultancy brand for the next generation.

  • Basin Holdings


Established in 1991, Moffitt Consulting has built a distinguished reputation as a leader in lean transformations, inspired by the renowned Toyota Way. Initially known for its team of prominent individual practitioners, over the decades the Moffitt name became synonymous with efficiency and excellence.

In 2018 Moffitt partnered with Basin Holdings, a global holding company, to lead lean transformations across all of Basin’s operating companies. After witnessing the results firsthand, Basin Holdings acquired Moffitt in 2020 and has been its primary client since. Now a portfolio company of Basin, it was time to reintroduce Moffitt Consulting to the world.

In preparation for a new phase of growth, Moffitt engaged MonogramGroup to modernize and retool the brand for the future. This involved repositioning the brand around their ownable process, The Moffitt System, and solidifying their value proposition as the premier, lean-only consultancy.


MonogramGroup played a pivotal role in overhauling Moffitt's brand design, addressing the absence of a previous website and modernizing outdated designs to better reflect its expanded scope and contemporary ethos.

A cohesive color palette and streamlined design language now reinforce the brand’s unified message of consistency and innovation. 


This comprehensive modernization effort included the launch of a new website, an updated PowerPoint presentation, enhanced digital presence, and downloadable, in-depth case studies correlating their proven process to real world results.

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