SurfacePrep is the largest national network of regional distributors of high-quality abrasive products, specialty ceramics and surface finishing equipment.

  • CenterOak Partners


SurfacePrep was created by a Dallas PE firm looking to consolidate a very fractured national market. Its clients range from local machine shops to global manufacturers looking to consolidate their supply chain.

After a few years, the company (then known as GNAP) was sold to CenterOak Partners, a Dallas PE firm. Their investment thesis focused on building centralized infrastructure as they continued their M&A growth activities in becoming the national market leader, where brand & marketing were a significant part of that.

MonogramGroup was retained to create a new, unified brand with a three-part tiered architecture, to accommodate local market issues that would impact the local branch’s adoption of the brand. Our content and toolkit development covered a full spectrum, from logos and brand design system to complex website, marketing templates, photography and video assets.

SurfacePrep Brand Logo
Visual of SurfacePrep Brand Architecture.
Guide for SurfacePrep brand Identity
(Left) Photo Close-Up of SurfacePrep sweater; (Right) Photo Close-Up of SurfacePrep Baseball Hat.
Collage of Photos from SurfacePrep Presentation.
Four SurfacePrep Action Shots (TopLeft) SurfacePrep Employees taking notes on duty; (TopRight) multiple texture examples; (BottomLeft) Active tool creating sparks off of metal its grinding against; (BottomRight) Pile of Grains in dark with natural light shining on it.
Four SurfacePrep Action Shots (TopLeft) Pink Rock; (TopRight) woman and man writing; (BottomLeft) Man looking throug window at metal with safety gasses; (BottomRight) Man in full safety Suit holding hose aimed at frame of a fire hydrant.


The SurfacePrep website featured over 200 pages spanning their entire product portfolio, 28 unique location pages, and a variety of industry and solution-specific pages. We put a heavy emphasis on SEO, and established a product hierarchy compatible with future plans to include e-commerce.

Photo of SurfacePrep Site map
Collage of SurfacePrep webpages.

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