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Lou Petrongelli

Has watched over 6,500 episodes of TV since 2014

Lou Petrongelli

Lou Petrongelli

Operations Manager

Lou is primarily responsible for overseeing technology, data collection, and maintenance of the the agency office. In addition, he manages overall project management and staffing, invoicing, and overall business development. In regard to business development, he establishes business strategies and processes within MonogramGroup and Suite 3A. Lou contributes through brand ideation, strategy, research, social media and web development, primarily in the back-end of Squarespace and WordPress websites for both MonogramGroup and their clients. Prior to joining the team, he has worked with several startups establishing their website, marketing, and overall business strategies. Lou joined MonogramGroup in 2022 as an intern and later accepted a Junior Account Executive position. He later advanced to Account Executive and finally Operations Manager within the same year. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from Lewis University (Romeoville, IL) in May 2021. 


Trivia Time

Favorite Movie: Titanic
Favorite TV Series: Game of Thrones
Favorite Comic Book Character: Spider-Man