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A Family (office) Affair: Arkansas values, tech sector PE deals, bio-pics, and being a muggle in a duck blind.

Aaron Clark is our fourth guest on Beer Stories for Private Equity.

This week, Aaron talks with Scott about working for a family office (alongside his father) at Stephens Group. The two discuss Witt Sr.’s legacy, establishing the firm’s reputation (and value proposition) being built upon collaboration and trust, often transcending different sectors and multigenerational relationships. We think you’ll enjoy hearing about what ultimately led one of their longtime strategic partners to describe the firm as saying, “You could play cards with these folks over the telephone.” Scott has a cold brew (coffee, not beer) as he delves into Aaron’s role as lead partner on deals derived from Software and IT Services, along with career advice for recent graduates, and a few ideas on lead actors to portray Witt Jr. in a biopic about the firm.

Aaron’s Bio
Aaron has been with Stephens Group as Managing Director since 2006 (when the firm was founded). After earning his degree at the University of Arkansas, he started his career as an investment banker at Stephens Inc. where he worked across a broad range of transactions. Aaron’s primary focus is now directed towards growth investing, advising the firm’s partners across internet infrastructure, technology-enabled services, and business software. It’s no surprise that he has been Lead Partner across 15 separate deals. Aaron is married to his high school sweetheart, and he enjoys spending time with his four kids, and the simple enjoyment from an Arkansan duck blind.