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The Antares Origin Story (and Other Stuff): Making a vision come alive.

In our latest episode, we welcome our longtime friend and former client Dave Swanson, one of the founding partners of Antares Capital, as our guest.

Among their many, many beer stories, Scott and Dave discuss his career path and being a part of the building process of the premier middle market credit provider. Dave also shares a few juicy insights about entrepreneurship, business cultures, and enjoying retirement.

Trust us, we know you’ll enjoy their convo.

Dave’s Bio
Dave Swanson was a Managing Director of Antares Capital.

A co-founder of Antares in 1996, he retired from the firm in 2020. Antares was sold to GE Capital in 2005 and sold to CPPIB in 2015.

He had decades of experience in cash flow/business value lending, including originating, structuring, and closing transactions with PE firms in the US and Canada on behalf of Antares.

Prior to Antares, he was with Heller Financial and Continental Illinois National Bank.

Dave received his B.A. from Northeastern Illinois University and his MBA from Loyola University Chicago.