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North America's leading brand in the distribution of industrial abrasives and related equipment, created from a large network of independent operating units.

SurfacePrep Brand Video

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Prior to 2019, the SurfacePrep brand didn’t exist. In its place was GNAP, an acronym quickly chosen by the company’s previous private equity owners with no intent beyond combining the initials of two large divisions. No one in the market knew this brand, and in fact each operating unit used their local name and trademark.

When GNAP was sold to CenterOak Partners in Dallas, their investment thesis included unifying these 15 divisions (and counting) from a brand perspective, while retaining their local relationships. The exact brand and architecture was unclear, which is why our process began as all of our engagements do: with internal and external research.



Industrial Abrasives

What We Did:
Brand Invention

Know Your Audience(s)

MonogramGroup conducted deep qualitative research, speaking with over 30 participants including customers, vendors, executives and managers across the GNAP footprint.

We also conducted an audit of their competitors’ web presence from a design, messaging and SEO standpoint. We did a similar exercise with the websites of GNAP’s operating units.

Emotional Benefit

Lowering the risk of doing business because GNAP can handle it.

Emotional Benefit Chart
Market Positioning
Market Positioning Chart

The New SurfacePrep Brand

Local, Best-in-Class Solutions for Manufacturers

The SurfacePrep brand is grounded in relationships and value-add. It was critical that this brand invention not interfere with usual business or affect how key customers and vendors approached their representatives.

SurfacePrep Logo

The green star shapes represent a network of components aligned together. They also represent the end result imparted on a metal surface during finishing, as well as the loose media at the core of their business. The green star shapes are also used throughout the separate operating unit logos as a unifying element.

The Breakdown

Beyond representing a network or the shine of a surface, the green shapes define white shapes in between to introduce another key design element: white circles. These circles afforded MonogramGroup additional content when creating the family of operating unit logos.

SurfacePrep Logo with circles
SurfacePrep Abrasive Products logo
SurfacePrep DeLong Equipment logo
SurfacePrep SOT Abrasives logo
SurfacePrep New England Metal Finishing logo

A Comprehensive Library of Brand Assets

This project also required creating a robust photography and video library, as the category overall was lacking any quality content. Now with a library of over 1000 images and a host of high-quality video assets, SurfacePrep is clearly positioned to dominate brand equity in the industry.

Original Photography

SurfacePrep Professional Photography 1
SurfacePrep Professional Photography 3
SurfacePrep Professional Photography 2
SurfacePrep Professional Photography 4

A New Level of Polish For the Industry

The SurfacePrep brand wasn’t built to keep up with the industry standard; it was created to set the bar. Beyond a stunning WordPress website that was built to function as seamlessly on a phone as on a desktop, MonogramGroup built a thorough set of marketing materials to be deployed across the SurfacePrep footprint.


SurfacePrep Website


SurfacePrep Mobile Website
SurfacePrep Mobile Website

Brand Manual

SurfacePrep Brand Manual


SurfacePrep Stationery

PowerPoint Templates

SurfacePrep PowerPoint Templates

Branded Swag

SurfacePrep Shirt
SurfacePrep mug

What You Need, When You Need It

SurfacePrep’s new website went live in December 2019. They entered the new decade as the industry leader in North America. Coupled with an extensive library of marcom materials, SurfacePrep and its affiliated operating units are well-positioned to grow revenue and EBITDA with a unified selling footprint.

The new brand will also enable them to be more attractive to add-on acquisition candidates who want to join the gold standard in the industry. Beyond all else, we’ve created a tangible asset that will ultimately impact a future sale.