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Research is pivotal in establishing an objective and credible foundation to build a brand. Our rigorous due diligence process leaves no stone unturned. We roll up our sleeves and do our homework, uncovering insights and key metrics that most people overlook (or frankly, don’t have the mental fortitude or desire to discover). We use our findings to make strategic and informed decisions that set the stage for all facets of your brand’s development. Research is like the foundation of a beautiful house. Without the foundation, how beautiful would that house be?

Brand Research by MonogramGroup
The Brand Pyramid

The objective of our market research is to determine key brand attributes and messages that most clearly and effectively communicate a brand. To do so, we examine both the internal (Brand Vision) and external (Brand Image) perceptions of the brand, and then identify gaps and overlaps to overcome or leverage. This leads us to three critical communication elements of creating a strong brand position.

The Brand Pyramid MonogramGroup

Heart Messages
the emotional drivers of engagement with a brand

Head Messages
the important benefits the brand provides

Reasons to believe
the facts that support the benefits

Uncovering the Brand Vision

Internal research is invaluable to understand how internal stakeholders feel on a very deep level. This not only includes where they believe their company stands today but also their hopes for the future and their idea for how to get there.

HHChart MonogramGroup

Uncovering the Brand Image

Current customers and channel partners have an image of the brand that goes beyond the facts they know and their daily interactions. They will have ideas and connections to the brand that can be elicited to understand how their relationship differs from other brands.

Dan Bauer and Scott Markman Research
Keyword Research

Beginning with the brand’s existing data from Google Search Console, Analytics, AdWords and more, we use third-party tools to research and define the brand’s keyword market, exploring areas where keywords overlap with other services that do not apply. We seek to learn where the line is between keywords and phrases that are irrelevant and those that are most valuable.

Furthermore, our goal with Local SEO research and execution for a brand is to make sure the brand appears in the map search results for as many keywords as possible, for as large of a radius around each office as possible.

Brand Research Basics by MonogramGroup
Brand Research Basics

Our suite of research capabilities include:

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Communications & Competitive Audit
  • Internal & External Interviews
  • End User/Channel Research
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
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