Creating a Unified SurfacePrep Brand for Growth and a Successful Exit

In a transformative move that underscores its commitment to growth and innovation, SurfacePrep, the leading distributor of industrial abrasives, announces a pivotal milestone in its journey – a change in ownership.

With Nautic Partners acquiring the company from CenterOak Partners, SurfacePrep embarks on a new chapter of expansion and evolution. Central to this journey has been the strategic implementation of a unifying brand and multipart brand architecture, a process that streamlined operations, reinforced market presence, and paved the way for continued exponential growth.

In 2019, SurfacePrep – then known as GNAP – faced a unique challenge: operating under 15 disparate brands, each with its own identity and market presence. Recognizing the need for cohesion and clarity, CenterOak Partners and GNAP leadership tapped MonogramGroup to spearhead a comprehensive branding initiative.

The goal was ambitious yet straightforward: consolidate these brands under a unified brand umbrella.

This consolidation not only simplified operations but also conveyed a powerful message to customers and stakeholders – SurfacePrep stands as a singular entity committed to delivering unparalleled value and service.

The impact of this brand initiative extended far beyond aesthetics. By unifying its brand, SurfacePrep was better positioned to capitalize on acquisition opportunities, broaden its offerings, and enhance customer relationships. As Jason Sutherland, Managing Partner of CenterOak Partners, noted, “Increased scale supported investments that made the Company a more valuable partner to its vendors, a stronger resource for its customers and a better home for its employees.”1

SurfacePrep’s creation serves as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful, proactive brand management within portcos. By consolidating 15 disparate brands into a unified market presence, SurfacePrep laid the groundwork for sustainable growth and market leadership under new ownership.

CEO Mike Currie reflected on the vision behind this effort, stating, “Together, we converted 15 local brands to the single unified ‘SurfacePrep’ name operating under the ‘One SurfacePrep’ model.”2