TotalMed, a healthcare staffing organization focused on job placement for travel nurses, developed a mobile app that allows nurses to identify and target job opportunities that fit their exact needs.

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  • Transform 2022 - Bronze, Best Visual Identity: Professional Services,

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  • Transform 2022 - Bronze, Best Naming Strategy

TotalMed engaged MonogramGroup to develop a brand name and visual identity that conveyed innovation and approachability. This brand would be deployed across the app itself, as well as a variety of promotional materials for the launch plan.

We developed 200+ naming options within thematic categories. After an iterative process with the TotalMed team, we selected the name eRiN – reminiscent of a person (akin to Alexa or Siri) acting as a personal guide for travel nurses.

The name was inspired by the abbreviation for a registered nurse, “RN.” This play on the certification that nurses achieve allows them to quickly identify this app is meant for them.

Our design was inspired by a common trend in mobile apps – simplicity and cleanliness. While the lettering is all black, we used a splash of color in the dot on the “i” that can be varied across 4 colors. This allowed for flexibility and testing throughout the early stage of this brand introduction.


In collaboration with our video partner, All Day Breakfast, we built two captivating video ads that showcase the ultimate traveling nurse app with over 50,000 opportunities.

eRiN Advertisement
eRiN Montage

Las Vegas Launch

TotalMed unveiled the new eRiN app at TravCon, an annual conference for travel nurses. In addition to sourcing five brand ambassadors for the event, MonogramGroup and Pilot Digital collaborated to develop a geofenced digital campaign to spread the word before, during and after. We also utilized a mobile billboard truck, which drove up and down the Strip. The brand launch was a smashing success, as 1,000 (out of 1,500) attendees downloaded the app before leaving Las Vegas.

Two eRiN trade show banners

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