Evolving a global company’s brand toward a critical megatrend, shaping its future.

Sensata Technologies earned its reputation as a leading sensor manufacturer for internal combustion driven vehicles. Recognizing the global trend towards electrification of all things, Sensata invested heavily in growing their electrification technologies portfolio through acquisition and organic growth. As a result, the need to make electrification THE story of the company’s future, and the key driver in shareholder value, became paramount.

Building on the brand system we created for Sensata INSIGHTS, Sensata Electrification is a branded strategic initiative that broadly applies to every business unit at Sensata, not just autos and heavy vehicles. Sensata Electrification also encompasses the integration and sunsetting of disparate acquired brands in favor of an umbrella brand strategy that accrues brand equity to the master brand.

Our work on Electrification impacted every function at Sensata from Investor Relations to Industrial Purchasing. Beyond a full brand program build, we collaborated closely with Sensata on preparing presentation materials for their annual Investor Day, as well as launch materials for the CES Trade Show in January 2024.

Throughout 2024 we are collaborating with Sensata management to implement a detailed sunsetting plan for eight of their acquired brands, moving towards a unified Sensata Electrification branded presence.


As sales support content, we created complex technical illustrations to visualize where Sensata Electrification’s components fit into a range of end product applications.


A critical piece of our engagement was to prepare a presentation for Sensata’s VP Investor Relations for the company’s annual Investor Day with Wall Street analysts, in order to communicate the essence and importance of this initiative for the company’s long-term strategy.

Electrification Launch Video

Branded Content on the Sensata Website

We collaborated with Sensata’s internal website team to develop new site architecture and content that would bring the Sensata EL branded initiative to the site in an understandable manner.


For the second year in a row, we were tasked with applying our brand design and content to every component of the company’s CES Show booth.

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