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SCA Health

Surgical Care Affiliates (commonly known as SCA) approached MonogramGroup in a time of intense growth and change. This market-leading company owned by Optum had long been focused solely on partnering with surgeons to manage independent ambulatory surgery centers. But a shift in long-term strategy, with an eye toward making a greater impact in primary care and employee insurance, led their leadership to conclude that the Surgical Care Affiliates name and brand no longer represented their future vision.


SCA Health


What We Did:

The research

As always, we needed to get smart before we got creative. So we conducted qualitative interviews with both SCA’s leadership team and several members of of their external audiences. We also conducted a comprehensive review of their competitors’ brand footprint across web and social media.

SCA’s internal and external constituents recognized the company’s expertise in partnering with surgeons to support their practice and create immense value was best in class. In addition, confidence in their parent company was a huge factor in deciding to partner with SCA. There was also a universal recognition of SCA’s eye toward innovation, and the strength of their leadership team enabling them to push the boundaries in the category.

The identity

We recommended the SCA acronym be retained, but with a new meaning – Specialty Care America. While this was strongly considered, even that name was seen as too limiting for where SCA would be in 5-10 years. Together, we landed on SCA Health as a name that represents any future healthcare innovation they may pursue.

SCA’s existing logo and visual brand were too generic for a company on the leading edge of healthcare. Beyond that, SCA tasked us with creating a visual brand that moved toward the existing Optum brand.

We approached the leadership team with several concepts. Ultimately the client chose a direction reminiscent of a pinwheel, or to some a sparkle.

The execution

Once the brand’s visual identity was approved, we dove into the execution and launch of this brand. In partnership with SCA’s design and web production agency, we crafted a comprehensive suite of brand and marketing materials.