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Portfolio Company

Shamrock Environmental Corporation

The Southeast’s leading wastewater treatment organization goes upstream

Shamrock Environmental, a portfolio company of CenterOak Partners, treats wastewater throughout the Southeastern US.

Shamrock also has a business unit that engages in environmental construction projects such as stream restoration or landfill construction. After acquisition, CenterOak made it a priority to enhance the online presence of both business units to further generate leads and revenue while leveraging the brand equity in their existing logo. MonogramGroup, along with our partners at Pilot Digital, was engaged to accomplish this.


Shamrock Environmental Corporation

Environmental Services

What We Did:
Brand Repositioning

A full-service treatment

We worked with the client to clarify their brand message before beginning creative development. The approved message: “We run towards problems and figure out how to make it happen the right way” – conveys Shamrock’s relentless availability and lightning-fast turnaround on client emergencies. Wastewater cannot wait, and Shamrock has built their reputation on responsiveness and compliance with all industry regulations.

Packaging the story

Our engagement was ultimately much more than two websites. MonogramGroup orchestrated an extensive photo and video shoot along with our partners at All Day Breakfast to ensure the websites and all marketing materials had a clear, distinct message with best-in-class production values.

The four related videos accomplished various messaging objectives for both Shamrock and CenterOak: a company overview, an operational deep dive, a recruiting video and a management testimonial reflecting on the experience of partnering with CenterOak.

Hitting the ground running

Shamrock’s corporate website launched in October 2021 and the construction website launched in December. The results have been well-received across the board, and they look forward to going to market with the new toolkit to immediately advance their growth goals.

Explore Shamrock’s re-invented websites here: