Builders Buyers Group

Aggregates the builders’ purchasing power to garner influence with top suppliers of building materials

  • Builders Buying Group


Builders Buying Group was founded in 1999 by Dave DeVries who saw an opportunity to aid builders of single-family homes in Western Michigan trying to compete with national firms that had expanded into their territory – a common problem local builders face. Builders Buying Group aggregates the builders’ purchasing power to garner influence with top suppliers of building materials, arranging programs for its members that include a reduction in hard costs and a rebate structure as well.

The firm has seen steady growth over the last 20+ years, and a new, more aggressive growth strategy lead the client to engage MonogramGroup, to reimagine their brand and marketing footprint and develop a sophisticated, proprietary reporting software and member portal.

Home builders making 50-500 homes a year see themselves deep down as craftsmen – hard-working, nose-to-the-grindstone guys. And, many of them would describe their mission as “building the American Dream.” Our research indicated a mission-driven brand idea, coupled with an “in the trenches with you” tone, would resonate with member prospects.

Foundational deliverables of our engagement were a new brand design system and brand messaging which was brought to life within their website featuring original imagery and customized U/X design.

We collaborated with our software/UX partners at Splice Digital to completely reimagine Builders Buying Group’s member rebate system, taking an analog process being managed by a single individual and expanding it to a full digital experience, complete with a member portal containing a program catalog, news and member events, and more.


Inspired by the roofs of several houses stacked on top of one another, made to look like a ribbon that signified “best-in-class.” We chose a color scheme reminiscent of a blueprint.


The new, digitally transformed member experience heavily features the refreshed brand design, messaging and positioning as builders explore programs and opportunities that add value to their membership.


We planned and produced a library of high quality photo assets to elevate and complement the new brand look-and-feel.

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