Headquartered in Beijing, Goldwind is a $6 billion public company and is currently the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world by market share.

Back in 2010, their objective was to enter global markets as a legitimate, lower cost competitor to established manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, Vestas, and Gamesa.

Goldwind decided to pursue Western expansion with a very different approach. Unlike most Chinese companies that deploy Chinese executives to enter a market, Goldwind hired industry veterans from global wind energy leaders to run their North American headquarters as market leads for North, Central, and South America.

Because of MonogramGroup’s unique understanding of Chinese companies and our expertise in B2B rebranding, Goldwind’s US management team engaged us to develop their US brand and market entry campaign.

We recommended a unique strategy to address an invisible elephant in the room for every conversation with prospects across multiple, integrated audience segments.

In response, we anchored the Goldwind brand to American values such as hard work, innovation, and tenacity that would speak to the intellectual and emotional needs of their Western audience. It helped that Goldwind’s technology was more advanced than any other manufacturer at the time, and that Goldwind had highly reliable and easy-to-maintain turbines.

Our creative pushed the boundaries of a stodgy, engineering-driven category, using an insider’s perspective and casual tone that caught the attention of decision makers while we delivered hard core product and technology data, and the company behind it. It was Americans speaking to Americans in a way that neutralized their concern about trust and reliability.

We also translated all content into Spanish and published it for many of their Central and South American markets.

Through a print and digital trade ad campaign, a trade show booth, sales collateral, a new website and coordination with a national PR campaign, we helped Goldwind close 20 contracts worth $500 million in 2 years with clients across the US, Central, and South America.


Goldwind's remarkable $600k trade show booth at the 2012 AWEA Global Wind Energy Show captured the industry's attention and secured the prestigious first place. Combining cutting-edge design with immersive technology, the booth showcased Goldwind's commitment to innovation.

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