Prospect Partners

Founded in 1998, Prospect Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm that partners with entrepreneurs and family-owned companies in the pre-middle market to build platforms for long-term growth.

Amid a leadership transition with no formal marketing communications effort and an extremely outdated brand, Prospect Partners engaged MonogramGroup to reimagine the story of its next chapter of success. We conducted deep qualitative research by interviewing I-bankers/business brokers, LPs, and management teams to ascertain core strengths, differentiators, and opportunities for growth.

With these inputs in hand, we established an ownable position, messaging strategy, and identity built around the firm’s passion and experience in working with up-and-coming, entrepreneur-led businesses that have the potential for high growth. We built a highly customized WordPress website showcasing various web animation features, original and portfolio company photography, an elegant design system, and distinctive messaging with a unique voice.

Prospect Partners is now equipped with a best-in-class brand and an arsenal of revamped marketing collateral to re-introduce themselves to their markets.


A symbol that marries the firm’s “entrepreneurial IQ” with their propensity to partner with high-potential companies. The new logo is simple but abstract in its appearance; is it a sail, a handshake, a boomerang, wings, or something else entirely? Regardless of interpretation, what’s not for debate is that it’s a memorable symbol that depicts partnership and collaboration.

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