Stephens Group

“Our reputation is our most valuable asset.”

Those words might as well be etched in stone at the front door. Many investment firms say this, but few follow through into every aspect of their business, including training of new hires.

Stephens Group represents a legacy started by Witt Stephens Jr.’s father, Witt Sr., in a time and place many decades ago where a man’s word was his bond, and it was a prerequisite for success. Capturing that spirit and articulating it appropriately was a primary responsibility of our brand work for them – not only in copy, but also in design, imagery, and film – while not overlooking their enduring success as private investors, and the team they have built.

While our engagement covered a broad range of brand program deliverables, our favorite part of the process was conducting interviews with a few of Witt Sr.’s longtime business partners, one of whom told us “I would play poker over the phone with the Stephens.”

That says it all.



We developed a comprehensive array of supplementary business materials to enhance their brand presence and communication strategy. Among these assets is a concise firm overview, a visually stunning branded PowerPoint presentation, and email marketing templates.


We planned and produced a library of high quality photo assets to elevate and complement the new brand look-and-feel.

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