Talus Holdings

Empowering driven entrepreneurs pursuing the acquisition, development, and operation of businesses.

Established in 2012, Talus Holdings is the family office of John Fitzgibbons. Talus backs dynamic entrepreneurs looking to buy, build, and operate businesses with substantial growth potential, leveraging strategies refined by John through decades of success in international business.

Lacking any real public presence, Talus recognized the need to create a brand design and enhance their online presence as the platform expanded.

Talus engaged MonogramGroup to define its message, brand design system, website and other communication materials. Another aim of this partnership was to introduce Talus to its primary audiences and interact more efficiently with sellers, operators, and entrepreneurs by implementing a cohesive and contemporary branding strategy across different touchpoints.

The collaboration between Talus and MonogramGroup underscores the transformative power of strategic branding and design in establishing a firm's image and driving business growth. Through the redefinition and optimization of its online presence, Talus has successfully elevated its brand recognition and cultivated deeper connections with its target audience.


Commencing from ground zero, and driven by our collaborative commitment to meticulous design and creative insight, we crafted a distinctive and innovative website, featuring a horizontal scrolling homepage complemented by a sleek side menu

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