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Global Case

Life Fitness went through an evolutionary change to become a brand-driven company across the 80 countries where its products are sold. We created that new brand for those markets.

LifeFitness new brand

In 2008, Life Fitness was already the #1 global brand in exercise equipment, selling into health clubs, hotels, hospitals, schools and the military through local distributors in more than 60 countries. Founded in the late 1970s as LifeCycle, the company had become an important division of Brunswick Corp, but strong competition was eroding profit and revenue was flat.

The company had always been an R&D and sales-driven organization. However, a new CEO came in with a mandate to reverse their fortunes by developing a brand-driven culture that remade their go-to-market strategies in countries across the globe.


Life Fitness

B2B with elements of consumer product

What We Did:
Brand Repositioning

LifeFitness Flare
LifeFitness Brochure Pages by The Monogram Group

Getting smart before we get creative

Extensive focus group research from MonogramGroup identified end user insights and segmentation as the foundation of a new positioning, value proposition and brand architecture.

We keyed in on benefits for the consumer segments who use Life Fitness branded equipment most often (not hard-core athletes), and what they’re ultimately seeking: a healthy, productive lifestyle.

LifeFitness ads
LifeFitness Brand Guides

What we lived for

Over the course of a year, we remade every aspect of the Life Fitness brand from the ground up, with the exception of their trademark. Beyond developing a 60-page brand manual covering every aspect of the brand and its management, we planned and directed the creation of a comprehensive brand lifestyle and product photo library.

The program also included developing a 250-page product catalog, several product brochures, POS posters, website design guidelines and more.

LifeFitness Brochures by The Monogram Group
LifeFitness Posters
LifeFitness Images

Crossing the finish line

MonogramGroup helped launch the brand at a trade show in San Francisco and continued to work with Life Fitness’s in-house agency for four more years. Within 2 years of the brand relaunch, their revenue had increased by $100 million worldwide, which was attributable to the new brand.