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We believe effective branding is rooted in rich insights and a deep understanding of what makes your business tick.

MonogramGroup Hero Photo of President, Scott Markman explaining an idea to a fellow co-worker.
MonogramGroup Hero Photo of Partner/Creative Director, Chip Balch, writing down information he's explaining on a white board during an internal meeting at the office.

Featured Projects


Reintroducing a century old industrial sensor tech giant to a new IoT market.

Sensata INSIGHTS iStock Photo.

Continuim Equity Partners

Supporting the growth of industrial businesses through continuous improvement.

Continuim Hero Photo of continuim employee wearing safety glasses and a Continuim Equity Partners vest.


Putting a new shine on a brand that really knows its surfaces.

SurfacePrep Hero Photo; man in full safety suit spray painting a piece of metal with the the SurfacePrep emblem green.

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