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We built this highly successful PE brand, starting in 1996 and continuing into 2016

Antares Capital assets

In 1996, Antares Capital was founded by 12 partners to provide senior debt financing for mid-market PE transactions. Their mission was to approach the market uniquely, believing there was a huge opportunity for a firm that was focused and committed to one thing, and one thing only.

The partners also decided that a distinctive brand and proactive marketing were going to be important differentiators. The brand voice was going to be a bit irreverent, reflecting their collective personalities, in the otherwise old-fashioned banking arena.


Antares Capital

Private Equity

What We Did:
Brand Invention

On the ground floor

MonogramGroup was engaged by the partners to invent the brand, starting with the basics: name, trademark, stationery and a brochure (yes, a brochure…this was just as the internet was being invented).

We also developed a series of print ad campaigns, placed into PE trade journals as two-page, center-spread ads. The goals? Make a splash, announce the firm’s intention to shake up the market, and continually reinforce their unique value proposition and market leadership.

Fast-forward 9 years

Antares became #1 in the league tables, neck and neck with GE Capital every year. In 2005, GE acquired Antares Capital and the new entity was named GE Antares Capital. This was noteworthy as GE didn’t co-brand anything, but the acquirers realized the strength of the Antares brand. In fact, the Antares guys took over managing the new entity.

MonogramGroup continued as GE Antares’s agency until the 2008 recession, when marketing was taken in house.

Antares Capital by The Monogram Group

Getting the band back together

In 2015 GE Capital was broken up, and GE Antares was the first division spun off as an independent entity. They were acquired by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board for $12 billion.

In 2015-16, MonogramGroup was retained once more to revitalize the independent Antares Capital brand.