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Private Equity

Estancia Capital Partners

As sector specialists with distinctive insight, Estancia invests in growing, lower middle-market financial services companies. We did more than improve a portfolio company’s balance sheet. A whole lot more. We elevate their total capabilities.

In need of streamlined messaging, elevated marketing toolkit, Estancia enlisted the services of MonogramGroup to reimagine the brand and build a lasting foundation.


Estancia Capital Partners

Private Equity

What We Did:
Brand Repositioning

From success to significance

MonogramGroup conducted interviews with internal and external constituents to better understand how Estancia is perceived and to identify insights. MonogramGroup did a in depth competitive audit studying the firm’s competition via their websites and social media accounts.

A small, but important evolution

MonogramGroup simplified and streamlined the logo to create a visual presence while staying close to the original. The previous logo also used outdated fonts that were difficult to read, particularly at mobile scale. New font families, primary and secondary color palettes, patterns and textures were chosen to create a sophisticated design system.

Leveling up

MonogramGroup built a robust WordPress website worthy of Estancia’s evolved brand identity and messaging. The website features interactive web features, subtle animations, outstanding photos and iconography that work harmoniously to generate an impactful and memorable user experience.

Give us a big smile

MonogramGroup directed a photo shoot at Estancia’s office, where headshots and environmental images were captured. Having original photos used throughout the new website conveys a level of authenticity and approachability that stock photos simply cannot.