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Industrial Opportunity Partners has always been different. Founded by a PE investor and a lawyer who through their shared experience came to realize a dedicated team of operating partners was a differentiator, they arrived at a winning formula in the private equity space.


Industrial Opportunity Partners

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What We Did:
Brand Repositioning

Their secret sauce

While many firms have operating personnel as advisors or board members, IOP’s operating partners are involved in every aspect of the deal process, including the capital required to make the deal happen. They utilize their Operating Principals to partner with management at each platform company to create value throughout the investment life cycle — from due diligence and strategic planning, to operational execution and realization.

As a result, their commitment to operational focus is baked into their DNA. This unique aspect of IOP afforded MonogramGroup a wealth of opportunity as we approached every aspect of their brand for potential messaging opportunities.

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It (usually) starts with a website

IOP approached MonogramGroup primarily because their website was outdated, and as their investment targets were growing they needed to look the part of a market leader. We were fortunate to have a client that was so receptive to ambitious ideas as we moved through a comprehensive branding process.


IOP Website

Mobile Website

IOP Website Mobile
IOP Website Mobile
A picture is worth 1000 words

Because the website was going to focus on the Operating Principals’ front line engagement with portfolio companies and the stories behind them, IOP committed to having us visit 6 of them in three states to capture the images featured across the site. They speak directly to IOP’s most important audiences: the founders/owners who want to sell their business, and the investment bankers who represent them to short list PE firms for consideration.

MonogramGroup has long advocated that original photography is the most effective lever in expressing and elevating a brand. The IOP team’s decision to focus on their portfolio, not themselves, was a brand-driven decision that brings their operational focus to the forefront.

Original Photography

IOP Original Photography
IOP Original Photography
IOP Original Photography
IOP Original Photography


IOP Stationery

One Pager

IOP One Pager

PowerPoint Templates

IOP PowerPoint Templates
Engaging brand stories

The hero of this site is the case studies. We established a template for detailed, narrative-driven case studies that drive home IOP’s brand message of growth through operations in industrial companies.

Simply put, no other mid-market private equity firm features case study content like this. As a complete toolkit, the new website and marketing materials afford IOP the opportunity to showcase their investment strategy (and the proof of success) to potential investors, potential sellers, and potential employees alike.