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Global Case

A fast growing national IT products distributor & outsourced services provider reinvented itself to pave the way for exponential growth over 5 years

IT Savvy new brand by The Monogram Group

ITsavvy started as a regional technology reseller and system consultant: B2B Consumer Products. They used a relationship-selling model akin to CDW but focused on mid-market companies’ IT departments.

With IT veterans at the helm, the company was quickly successful. However, the CEO’s ambition was to scale the company, and he was persuaded that building a strong brand and comprehensive marketing infrastructure were critical to that objective.



B2B technology products

What We Did:

ITsavvy logos
ITsavvy Business Card

Getting smart before we recommended the unthinkable

MonogramGroup was engaged to conduct deep qualitative research, talking to an array of customers, channel partners and frontline sales staff while also diving deep into their competitive set.

Our findings identified several key pillars of their operation that established a value proposition on par with CDW while blowing away smaller competitors. However, our research also strongly suggested renaming the company to reflect this new positioning and brand image.

After careful consideration and internal debate, the CEO agreed, provided we could develop a name with global trademark protections and a clean URL.

We made the IT guys cool. Like, really cool.

After hundreds and hundreds of naming options, we found a winner: ITsavvy. The name spoke to an insight about the guys in IT departments, and their need to look and feel smart about the partners to whom they entrusted their company’s IT infrastructure.

ITsavvy Notebook

The new ITsavvy brand was smart, analytical, nimble, responsive, clued-in and fun – a force to be reckoned with. MonogramGroup’s witty copy and fun, energetic creative turned ITsavvy’s sales guys into brand heroes.

ITsavvy’s distinctive brand voice and visual ID could be seen through their website, literature, emailers, fact sheets, videos, swag and more. Customers could easily learn, without talking to a specialist, every aspect of what ITsavvy could do for them.

ITsavvy Direct Mail
IT Savvy Website by The Monogram Group
IT Savvy Business Card by The Monogram Group
ITsavvy White Papers
ITsavvy Magazine

What a launch

In addition to constructing ITsavvy’s entire brand from the ground up, MonogramGroup was also responsible for the internal launch – a critical step to success. We were tasked with developing and scripting every detail of a 3-hour event for 150 staff members at Rivers Casino Nightclub.