BarkerGilmore is a boutique executive search firm specializing in legal and compliance leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies and premier NFPs.

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BarkerGilmore struggled with brand awareness and messaging, an outdated website, and lackluster marketing collateral. So they engaged MonogramGroup to reinvigorate the brand’s identity and position it as a best-in-class executive search and advisory firm. We conducted qualitative research with internal personnel and key client contacts, and also spearheaded two focus groups with the firm’s Senior Advisors.

We dug deep and discovered how much BarkerGilmore goes “above and beyond” for its clients, tapping into this energy as a point of differentiation. We developed a strategic roadmap, a fresh new visual identity system, and a relatable brand voice that embodies the “above and beyond” spirit.

Their website got a complete overhaul with a robust redesign and SEO-friendly content. Additionally, we produced a set of cohesive marketing materials to compliment the overall strategy. BarkerGilmore’s new website launched in June 2021 and continues to drive optimal traffic and user engagement.


The rising red dot symbolizes BarkerGilmore going above and beyond to find the perfect candidate – the one who stands out from the pack.

The varied colors highlight the diversity BarkerGilmore brings to the table, while the arrangement of circles communicates agility and innovation.

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We developed a kit of parts for their social imagery and a system that is branded and easily repeatable.

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