When the people we hire are good down to the soul, the work we create together is, too.

our people

We are in awe of our team who set the creative bar high for themselves and somehow exceed it every day. We champion their grit, their intellectual curiosity, and the craft and care they put into every project. We know they could work anywhere, which is why we’re so grateful they choose to work here.

  • Founder / President

Scott Markman

  • Partner / Creative Director

Chip Balch

  • Operations Manager
  • ,
  • Business Development Lead

Lou Petrongelli

  • Senior director
  • ,

Dan Bauer

  • Brand strategist

Bob Rytter

  • Associate Creative Director

Mike Stiff

  • Senior art director

Sean Fermoyle

  • Senior art director

Lucia Rusinakova

  • Account executive

Michael Calk

  • Account executive

Kevin Grube

  • Account executive

Isabelle Lunow

  • Portfolio Company Analyst

Jon Brauer

our partners

  • SEO/PPC/Digital Marketing

Rod Holmes

  • Senior Copywriter

Mark Wegwerth

  • Copywriter

Michael Cheng

  • Video director

Adam Moorman

  • Photographer

Jon Hamblin

  • Photographer

Miles Boone

  • Photographer

Stephen Spartana

  • Attorney

Abe Cohn