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Bob Rytter

Understands branding inside and out with 40+ years of experience

Bob Rytter

Bob Rytter

Brand Strategist

Bob is a brand strategist and agency owner with 40+ years of experience in marketing, visual communications and branding. He founded two agencies, R.S. Jensen and Robert Rytter & Associates, where he was creative and strategic lead, as well as being responsible for account supervision. He’s worked with local, national and international brands in the education, healthcare, finance, architectural, construction and engineering sectors. Notable clients have included BlueCross BlueShield, Dentsply, the University of Arizona, T. Rowe Price, M&T Bank and Ace.

Bob’s deep experience in branding and visual communication makes him an integral asset to MonogramGroup. He’s a strategic thinker who offers a distinct point of view in a multitude of areas, including branding, design, video, copywriting and photography.

While he began collaborating with MonogramGroup in 2019, he’s known our President Scott Markman for over 35 years, having served as his boss and mentor in a previous life.